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Body Oil


This all natural body oil is the perfect skin moisturizer. Fast absorbing, it helps restore balance to the skin by delivering skin-loving nourishment, moisture, and vitamins.

Use all over body for a natural glow. Can also be used as a massage oil, belly oil, or post shave.



Key Ingredients

Grapeseed Oil: high in linoleic acid, also known as omega-6 fatty acid, which helps fortify the skin's barrier and reduce water loss, moisturizing the skin.

Sweet Almond Oil: a light, non-sticky oil rich in vitamin E and monounsaturated fatty acids. It has moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Vitamin E: helps reduce UV damage to the skin. It has moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.


Ingredients: Grapeseed Oil (infused with Chamomile, Calendula, and lavender flowers), Sweet Almond oil, *Sunflower Oil, *Vitamin E oil, Lavender Essential Oil

*Organic ingredient



How to Use


Add 1-2 pumps to your hand at a time and gentle message into skin. Let absorb 5-10min before dressing. 

Body Oil