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White Rabbit Collective: EST 2020

(The strangest year to start a small business)

The Story Behind the Artisan

When I was a little girl one of my favorite parts of the year would be the summer months where I’d go on camping trips with my family. As we’d gather around a campfire to cook or roast marshmallows inevitably the winds would catch a stream of smoke and we would yell “white rabbit, white rabbit!” with our small squeaky voices telling the smoke that it had no business here! You see - we were told that it was an old native secret that if you yelled “white rabbit” to the campfire smoke, the winds would hear your plea and direct it elsewhere.


So in 2020 when I felt an overwhelming pull to “remember my old ways” and leave my corporate job to start a small business, the hazy smoke of life began to clear as I dreamed White Rabbit Collective to life.


Ever since I was young you could find me creating and making things with my hands. That artisan instinct has always been with me. I personally believe nature and this beautiful world provides everything we need for human flourishing and that natural, handcrafted, artisan goods bring us back to that place of beauty.





  • We are creating products made with natural and organic ingredients.
  • Our designs are simple forms that mimic nature and all it has to show us.
  • We created the ‘recycle it back’ program for our White Rabbit Naturals line.
  • We sell beautiful things that are sustainable and last for years to come.



For partnering with me and the other artisans you are helping to support. By shopping local and small, you are allowing us to make things that will be a beautiful part of your everyday life. This brings me so much joy knowing our art is cherished in your hands!