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Glow Face Mask


A powder to gel mask with Kaolin Clay and Superfoods to help nourish the skin. Kaolin clay helps remove impurities and detox the skin, while Papaya and Lucuma fruit extract have anti-aging properties and help to even skin tone.

Safe for sensitive skin and not scented with any fragrance or essential oils.

2oz powder formula can last between 10-20 masks, depending on use.


Key Ingredients

Kaolin Clay: helps to remove impurities, gently detoxing and cleansing the skin.

5.Lucuma Fruit Powder: a superfood rich in beta-carotene, it helps encourage cell repair and improve skin tone.

Licorice Powder: helps brighten skin tone and aid with hyperpigmentation.

Marshmallow Root Powder: anti-inflammatory, soothes and hydrates skin.


Ingredients: Kaolin Clay, *Rosehip Powder, *Lucuma Fruit Powder, *Papaya Fruit Powder, *Orange Peel Powder, *Licorice Root Powder, *Marshmallow root powder.

*Organic ingredient

How to Use

Mix 1 tbsp mask powder with a few drops of water until you reach a creamy-gel like consistency.

Apply a thin, even layer to face for 5-10 minutes, until the mask feels stiff on the face. Gently rinse with water and washcloth to remove.

**Always patch test behind the ear or on the wrist before using a new product to make sure no irritation occurs.

Glow Face Mask